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5G in Vehicles: What You Need to Know



Event Description

5G is here — not just for fixed for locations, but now for vehicles. You may be investigating how it can be used to connect your fleet and the difference it will make. This webinar will answer those questions and more as we introduce Cradlepoint’s new 5G solution for vehicles. The R1900 5G in-vehicle router, part of 188bet备用网址 for Mobile, is an all-new networking platform that was 设计ed to handle high-performance 5G connectivity and edge computing.

Whether you operate a fleet of vehicles, support a metropolitan transit system, or provide first responder and emergency 服务, join Cradlepoint’s Paul Rodeghiero, product marketing manager, 和杰克史密斯, senior product manager, on April 28 at 11 a.m. PT. They will discuss 5G 移动 networking challenges and opportunities and introduce the all new R1900 5G in-vehicle router. You will learn about:

  • How 5G vehicle solutions can fit into your fleet 技术 roadmap
  • The variations of 5G and the benefits to in-vehicle networking
  • The range of features Cradlepoint provides to support high-performance 移动 broadband
  • The intersection of 5G, FirstNet, and Verizon Frontline
Paul Rodeghiero

Product Marketing Manager, Cradlepoint


Sr. Product Manager, Cradlepoint